When I was young I was an observational child that loved to make things, build things, loved to draw and be outside. My parents once told me that as a toddler, they could just sit me down in a field and I would happily sit and observe everything around me. Big eyes, big smile. Today, my experiences as a maker (artist) and scientific researcher combine with a great interest in design research, critical thinking, change and eco-systemic thought. Still forever looking, making and combining. 

Based on my experience in trans-disciplinary research, design projects and my knowledge of circularity, ecological thought, design practice and research I now look for all kinds of exciting projects that could benefit from a critical and investigative attitude. I try to help and inspire people to explore and change the world for the better, and help set up projects of all kinds that contribute to a societal transition towards sustainability and eco-interest.

I have set up my own freelance practice as Studio Joost Adriaanse based on my experiences as an artist, scientific researcher, design researcher, (guest) lecturer (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Design Academy Eindhoven, University College Roosevelt) and my experience and interest in the world of sustainability. I hold a BA in Fine Arts from St. Joost ‘s-Hertogenbosch and the Royal Academy of Bergen Norway. I obtained my MA Comparative Arts & Media Studies Cum Laude at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and together with Ester van de Wiel, Ginette Verstraete, David Hamers and the RE-source team I won the Dutch Design Award 2019 for best Design Research.

My aim is to learn with design. Not to merely learn about design through the analysis of its objects, but to learn from and through it. Design is a discipline concerned with inquiry and sense making in the thick of things. Learning with design is to join with it, to correspond with it and its processes and practitioners. Doing so contributes to that quest of finding a truly sustainable way of living together. An experimental inquiry into the conditions and possibilities of life.